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    Satisfied customers, and outstanding quality of service is the main goal of A.P.E. Painting Inc. From Industrial Painting Applications to Residential House Painting each and every customer is important to us.
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    From commercial buildings to industrial buildings, A.P.E. Painting Inc. is highly experienced and flexible enough to handle the biggest jobs down to the smallest.
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    Although we specialize in commercial and industrial paint applications, we are highly experienced in residential house painting.
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    If your curious about exterior house paint costs, or would like a paint house interior cost estimate. Visit our "Estimate Request" page.
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    We take pride and satisfaction in our work. Customer approval means the world to us! It's this attitude that distinguishes our painting business from other contract painters.
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    Companies throughout Clark County WA and Portland Metro trust A.P.E. Painting Inc. Not only for our high experience and professionalism, but also for our warranty that backs up our work!
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    It's that time of year when painting services slows down due to our north west weather. It's a great time to get paint quotes on interior houses painting.
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    We are professional indoor wall painters, and provide other indoor painting services. Such as painting kitchen cabinets, doors, and walls.
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    Don't trust your investment to just any painting company! With over 23 years of experience in beautification, preservation and restoration, A.P.E. Painting Inc. will get the job done right.
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    Do you live in the Portland Metropolitan Area? We offer painting services in Portland too!
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    We do not charge for an estimate. Visit our Estimate Request Page to sign up.
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    We provide painting services in every aspect. From new construction painting, to custom house painting, commercial business painting, and industrial machine painting; we do it all!
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    Industrial settings can be very brutal on paint. That's why it's important to hire a professional that has experience in these settings so that your paint will last.
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    A.P.E. Painting Inc. is a Licensed General Contractor. We further offer construction, maintenance, roof cleaning, pressure washing, and other services.
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    A.P.E. Painting Inc. Top ranked painting services serving Clark County and Portland Metro.
Many people think of paint as a decorative element that provides protection to a surface, but the reality is the opposite. Paint is a protective film that has decorative capabilities. Thus, when your paint deteriorates your properties main defense is removed. We take the time to fully weatherize and protect your investment. We prepare, weatherize, prime, treat, and then paint for lasting, durable protection.

We Recommend Rodda Products

Rodda Paint Logo Rodda paint is a local company that specifically formulates their products to handle our North West weather. For this reason Rodda will be our first recommendation.