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5 5 Stars

Exterior Painting Contract Vancouver Washington

Guy is a straight forward guy and explains what is needed and why and what they plan to do to address the issues. He was responsive, on time, available when I called and all around "there for us". I mostly liked it that he explained everything.
And they cleaned up totally after themselves.
Member Comments: Our house was in poor shape, plus we have T 111 siding which is not easy to paint. They didn't just paint it for us, they prepared it, washing it and doing a complete base coating, then the paint. But kept adding paint until it didn't need it any more. We got a senior discount plus a 30 year warranty on labor and materials.

4 4 Stars

Exterior Painting Contract along with Pressure Washing

Pressure washing entire exterior of our house, and painted all the exterior except for the vinyl siding
Member Comments: Guy is very personable and definitely a people person. He and his helper were able to find a day in late October when the weather cooperated. They worked fast and efficiently and the results look great.
Our only criticism is in regard to cleanup. There are remnants of the old scraped paint and new coats all along the side of our home and in our driveway. They did not put back the items they had parted from the side of the house. They left some of their wipe cloths.
Other than that, all was very good!

5 5 Stars

Prep, prime, and paint front door along with side panels

I contacted Guy by phone and explained the problem with our front door and side panels. The door is an expensive door with leaded glass panels. I was told at the paint store that the door would have to be stripped to remove the varnish and the latex paint that was over the varnish. Guy was informative over the phone and was willing to evaluate the problem and see if another alternative to stripping was possible. He came promptly to our house at the agreed time and offered a solution to a difficult problem. The previous paint job was done poorly with heavy visible brush stokes and was peeling. I subsequently scheduled Guy to paint the door and he came at the scheduled day right on time. He completed the door and panels with a superb result considering the condition of the door. I only wish I had been able to use Guy's services when we built our house. I highly recommend Guy for all your painting needs

5 5 Stars

Interior Painting

I used the services of A.P.E Painting Inc for interior painting end of January. Member Comments: Ours is a new property and he did everything. The price was very competitive. He is going to do exterior painting in the spring.

5 5 Stars

Pressure washed and painted the outside of house. Got rid of moss and cleaned roof. Painted a small shed.

Contacted A.P.E. repaint, got a bid. Decide to go with them. They started and finished on time and in budget. Guy was very knowledgeable and helpful. The house looks great. Would use again. Satisfied customers.

5 5 Stars

Exterior House Painting in Vancouver, WA

A.P.E. Painting prepared and painted the exterior of our house using three different colors and methods: house (sprayed), gutters (rolled) and trim (hand brushed). Every aspect of the job, including pressure washing, masking off, surface preparation, covering shrubs/concrete, painting and clean up was done to perfection.

Guy is the owner of A.P.E. Painting and he was also working on the job the entire time. He was prompt in providing an estimate for the job. He went over all details and options and we did a walk around so we totally understood the scope of the proposal. Within three weeks (as promised) they powerwashed the house and then two weeks later, scraping, priming and painting began. Guy and Jack (both with extensive painting experience) worked super well together with a fantastic teamwork approach. They were extremely easy to talk to and always portrayed a "service the customer and make it right " attitude. They worked hard for four and one half straight days to completion and were meticulous in their work. No profanity, no arguments---very refreshing these days!!

We couldn't have been happier with their work from start to finish and the outcome was fantastic.. If you want a professional job at a competitive price, I highly recommend A.P.E Painting.

5 5 Stars

Exterior Residential Painting in Vancouver, Washington

Guy and his crew first pressure-washed our home, scraped the old paint and then painted the entire exterior of the house. After getting several estimates, we chose Guy and his company, A.P.E. Painting, to give our house a "face lift." He pointed out some problem areas and told us how he would deal with them. His crew first did a thorough pressure-washing and when the weather improved, the scraping began. For some reason, the south-facing side was more difficult to scrape. We have a two-story house with dormer windows, so there were more areas to deal with than usual. Guy was able to correct mistakes made on previous paint jobs too. Since we have cedar siding, an oil-based primer was essential, but a latex type had been used before.

We had to have some structural repairs done during this whole process, but Guy was able to work around that area. The windows, doors and brick trim were all masked properly before any painting began. Tarps were stretched all around the base of the house and walkways for more protection. All of the windows, doors and trim were caulked and when the paint was applied, they used a sprayer and rollers too, to ensure a good covering. The trim was all applied by brush and all of the debris was collected and carted away.

We are so happy with the job done by A.P.E. Painting! Guy was great to deal with and he was here every day, on the job with his crew. It wasn't easy, and involved lots of ladders and climbing on our steep roof! He even got some special paint to cover a balcony floor that needed painting. And we are very pleased with his choice of satin-finish paint for our home. It absolutely gleams! We would definitely recommend their services.

5 5 Stars

Exterior Painting, Pressure Washing, Remodeling

A.P.E. has been working on our place every time we think about remodeling or changing colors for over 15 years. They are and will continue to be the ones to do all our painting, and have been involved in our remodeling and construction. They have painted our house, shop and out building 3 times. The last time he painted our kitchen because he knew the wife really didnt like the dark color, so he got a lighter color and painted it again! She was totally pleased. Thats a mark of a real caring professional. He takes his time to inform the customer of what he will do and itemizes the cost so they understand what to expect for their money. He always comes on time and leaves on time. He estimates the length of time he will take and has not been wrong yet. He has also painted our daughter and husbands house two times inside and out. They were as pleased as we were. A.P.E. always cleans up, there is never a mess. They are always considerate of the outside plants and shrubs. We recommend their work to all our friends and family we have. Guy is a perfectionist and his work shows it! A.P.E. Painting Inc. knowledge of the product they use is very informative so the customer can choose what they prefer.

5 5 Stars

Exterior Painting and Exterior Pressure Washing

Guy always helps us. He's great at keeping his appointments. When he says: Ill be there at 7:00 am he means it!! He also did a beautiful job on our home when a tree fell through our house. My Husband and parents can't praise Guys work enough.

Thank You Guy :)

5 5 Stars

Exterior Painting | Pressure Washing | Scraping

A.P.E. Painting prepared our house for painting including pressure washing and scraping. It was a big and difficult job. They used a primer that helped with the climate issues challenging the life of our cedar siding. Then they proceeded to paint and completed the job in a reasonable amount of time considering the difficulty of the prep work.

The company owner was very friendly and professional. They had a difficult challenge preparing our house for painting because of some peeling issues and moisture problems. Fortunately the weather cooperated and the job moved along well. The prep work was done with great care and therefore the paint job looks great. I would definitely use this company again.

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